Blockchain Technology Starts 29 Apr, 2022

This course will introduce students to the concepts of Blockchain and its platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and MultiChain. This course will also help students master the Ethereum ecosystem, and learn everything there is to know about enterprise Blockchains and how they may be used in the sector they wish to work in.

Blockchain Technology
The course will be scheduled in three parts as follows:
1. Introduction to Blockchain
Topics Covered: Topics Covered: Origin And Working Of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency And Blockchain, Bitcoin Platform, Bitcoin Mining
2. Advanced Blockchain
Topics Covered: Introduction To Ethereum, Basic Solidity, Advanced Solidity, Developing A DApp Using Truffle, Hyperledger
3.Blockchain Expert-
Topics Covered: Setting Up Development Environment Using Hyperledger Composer, Create And Deploy Your Private Blockchain On MultiChain, Prospects Of Blockchain

Course Details
1. Students will understand the basics of a distributed system and how our current financial systems work.
2. Students will understand how a Blockchain works, its properties, and its evolution.
3. Students will understand the concept of cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin and Blockchain structure), along with cryptography and consensus mechanisms.
4. Students will comprehend Bitcoin mechanisms and how the Bitcoin network works, along with understanding why transactions with Bitcoins are secure and efficient.
5. Students will understand how bitcoin mining works and how blocks are added in the Blockchain.
6. Students will mine Bitcoin from their own personal computers.
7. Students will understand how Blockchain technology is used in Ethereum to create a wide variety of decentralized applications using Smart Contracts.
8. Students will create their own Smart Contracts using Solidity on the Remix IDE.
9. Students will learn Solidity's advanced concepts, including importing libraries, modifiers, and event handling. Students will also incorporate a front-end GUI into their solidity contracts using Truffle and web3.js.
10. Students will develop a DApp service using concepts of Solidity and deploy it on a local test Blockchain, Ganache.
11. Students will develop an enterprise-grade and open-source distributed ledger framework using Hyperledger project
12. Students will be create their own private Blockchain environment. Students will also learn to customize their Blockchain parameters as per their requirements.
13. Students will evaluate how Blockchain is impacting economics.

There will be one final project for this course. The problem statement will be given in context of a real-world data set and will be uploaded on the LMS. The date of final project submission and project presentation will be given in class and posted on the LMS.

How do I interact with the educator during the class?
You can interact with the educator during the class using the chat feature.

What if I have queries related to the topic after the class?
We provide 24*7 live support to all our students via live chat feature and email. Our academic enablers are always available to help you throughout the course.

How will I be graded?
You will be graded on the basis of weekly quizzes, assignments, lab engagements, midterm and final exams.

Is the course material accessible to the students even after the course is over?
Yes, the course material is accessible to the students even after the course is over in the form or PDF documents and recorded lectures.